Friday, August 11, 2006

Friday Catblog: Mom's new family, Dad's chagrin

Poor Dad is not exactly fond of cats. In fact, he frequently quotes the Ogden Nash verse, "The trouble with a kitten is THAT/ Eventually, it becomes a CAT". Mom, on the other hand, is like me. She could be happy with the critters crawling all over her. They have a soothing effect. And, when one has high blood pressure (as Mom does), one needs all the help one can get to calm down (meds only go so far). So, when we discovered that two of the kittens born on my property were hanging out in Dad's garden & sleeping in their neighbor's garage, Mom decided it would be okay to invite them onto her porch. Companionship She started feeding them. Now, the pair of them awaiat my arrival eagerly in the mornings -- they come running up the sidewalk as I extract myself from the car -- and they do the traditional AthenaMaus watching from outside "I am your god: feed me" poses outside the door and window in the late afternoons, as well.

Both photos were taken through glass and screen, for that "soft focus" effect my eyes naturally get when I don't wear my spectacles. Didn't greeting card companies pay photographers big bucks for this effect, back in the 1970s?

Since this is my first catblog in a couple weeks, I need to remind myself, as well as everybody else who comes here, to see the other beasties at Friday Ark # 99, posted by Modulator (who also posts links to other cat gatherings, which will, on Sunday, include the Carnival of the Cats to be hosted this week by Blog d'Ellison)

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