Thursday, January 10, 2013

Gun control? I thought we were talking about public safety!

I keep seeing and hearing arguments from the Left, that we need to talk about Gun Control, as though it is the only issue on the table when we discuss how to prevent something like that which occurred in Newtown, CT last month.

It's as if there is only one element in this tragedy, and that is the evil, manipulative, mind-controlling piece of metal which destroyed the soul of one young man and punched the lives out of twenty children, plus their teachers and principal. There was nothing else as a contributing factor, such as that the killer suffered a mental defect, or that the defect had been treated but he had recently been withdrawn from that treatment (understand that psychotic, often violent and/or self-destructive behavior is not uncommon when some medications are abruptly halted), or that there had been a long history of obsession over violent video games and films… The entire conversation ignores these – and other – factors, and focuses on the inanimate object of dread.

How did these people end up so terribly, terribly narrow in their thinking?

Surely they can not be so afraid of a metal tube with a handle and a hammer-and-anvil-like apparatus? If we put one of any design on the table in front of a Leftist, would that poor soul run screaming in terror from it? Does that same timid person cringe and hide behind a brick wall if he learns he is alone in a building with a box of shotgun shells? If so, this poor individual should seek professional help… except, he'll probably be put on an antidepressant, from which prescription we can never let him be released.

I strongly suspect the fear most of these anti-gun lobbyists carry is not at all for the tool, but for the individual who willingly carries one, hence the common label of "gun nut" for any person who believes it is his Constitutional right to own and bear arms. Gosh darn it, if you were rational, thinking people, you'd have a knee-jerk response to that guy with the gun, too.  Everybody who owns and uses one of those thunder-sticks is nothing but a bloodthirsty, knuckle-dragging primate with no ability to see reason as the elite do.  Don't worry about not having any way to defend yourself.  You don't need protection from anybody else, because you're not important enough to have anybody threaten you. They, the elite, are subject to envy and hatred, so they are justified in having armed guards around them, but, silly girl, you just think you need to stop a stalker before he harms you. The police will protect you as well as you need to be protected, unless you're actually important, like a Hollywood STAR, or a politician.  Then you are justified in protecting yourself with as many guns and goons as you can pile on.

You see, if you have the right to defend yourself, that makes you not only equal to them, but, should they decide they want to make further demands upon your plebeian self, you should be kept weak enough that you will never have the courage to stand up and refuse.

So, when the Leftists tell you the debate is all about gun control, when there are so many emotional, logic, and legal issues to consider in trying to build a safer world, they're not talking about guns.  Yes, they're talking about control, but control of you and your life, plain and simple. And there is no safety, there.

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Maggie Duncan said...

you said it sister
i have been hearing about all of this gun stuff in america on the news and i just think its plain wrong.
i mean how many lives do we have to lose before someone does something about it.