Sunday, July 31, 2011

Okay, let's all go shopping for sh!t we don't need...

Congress has done just that, again. And, they promise that we'll learn to love what they got for us, with our credit card... and there are still people who say they aren't spending enough, aren't taking enough from "the rich". That would be anybody with a business, I guess. In their view, if we aren't "broke", we ought to be, before we quit spending on every pork project and Obamanation.

So, let me put this in simple terms: Mom and Dad have worked very hard to earn what little they've saved. They scrimped where they could, but occasionally got the odd luxury item, like a nice, large, high-definition television with every HD channel imaginable, like new wireless communications toys for the kids, like dinner out once a week and a vacation to distant shores every summer.

But, lately, they've found it a little more difficult to predict where their paychecks will come from, and how much they'll get when the checks arrive (after paying off the debts for all the little necessities and niceties, especially for the teenagers). And, they're a little worried that Grandma's not going to be able to take care of herself, pretty soon, so they might have to have her move in. Naturally, they look at their small savings, and consider using it as a down-payment on an added room, so Grandma can come stay with them.

Then, one day, the teenagers hack into the accounts and discover that, shockingly, after they had continually told the kids, "we can't afford to keep buying that stuff for you," the old fogeys actually have money! Jeez, there must be at least a couple thousand dollars to spare, in that account! So they demand that the parents give them all that cash so they can throw an awesome block party, to remain popular in their adolescent community, and require that the parents throw a rockin' house party every weekend until graduation, and maybe beyond, "and new kicks, too. And stuff." And, today, the parents say, "Well, gee, we can't just have your good times end, so, of course we'll give you all our cash. Here, take the credit cards, as well. We'll just go get another credit card or two, and take out bank loans when we have to pay for what we actually need..."

Nice going, "grownups in the room". See how well you do next November.

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