Monday, May 09, 2011

At Klip's Joint, everything is peaches and cream...and biscuits

Today, another dessert made its way to the table. The weather was hot enough nobody was in the mood for hot dessert (okay, that's a lie. Pop could eat hot fruit pie no matter what the weather). I was borrowing from and adapting two separate recipes from our library (one an online recipe I'd printed out a couple of years ago, the other from one of those organization's cookbooks with the cheesy spiral binding).

I had a canister of those "poppin' fresh" biscuits. I had a can of cling peach halves. I had a carton of heavy cream. And, I cheated. I made springtime a little decadent, without slaving over the Hoosier cabinet work counter. 'Twas peachy and creamy and oh, so easy! If you want a simple treat, try this. I'm planning to work a new variation, soon, & will likely post that linky goodness, too.

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