Tuesday, September 21, 2010

So, you wanna make the connection?

Several high-ranking members of the Democratic party have recently taken to referring to the Republicans as being (and I paraphrase) the home of the Tea Party. This is just silly. The Tea Party, non-partisan group that it is, was born in the house of the insane spendthrifts of both parties.

However, if the Republicans want to give the correct response to such declarations, their leaders ought to stand up and say simply, "We humbly appreciate the comparison and the assumption that there are ties between us and this movement by the good and honest people of this great nation. If we are to benefit from any perceived allegiance, we must then rise to the occasion by following the direction of the people, and strive to meet the implied expectations therein. In other words, we can think of no greater compliment than to be linked to the hearts of free-thining Americans, and we will do all we can to win those hearts and continue to earn that link."

Okay, I'm not a speechwriter, but it seems to me, the best reply to the accusations that the Republicans and the Tea Party to be in bed together is to say, "I wish!" And then go out and try to make it true, the old-fashioned way: earn the public respect and trust. It's short notice before this election, sure, but I don't think this populist movement is terribly short-lived. This has been brewing a long time, and Americans' life expectancy -- unless Obamacare really does take over -- is still pretty high.

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