Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Why is AARP supporting ObamaCare?

The ostensibly non-profit lobbying group which markets itself as pro-senior citizens is madly campaigning in favor of ObamaCare. Funny thing, that. It's running counter to its constituents' best interests.

After all, by Obama's own admission, the bottom line beats the doctor's advice. Doctors cannot be trusted with your wallet, but career bureaucrats can. If you have an administration which believes that, because you're over, say, seventy-five, you shouldn't get treated directly for a serious condition, but, rather, learn to manage the pain. A hundred-year-old woman shouldn't get anything more than pain pills, because she's going to die, soon, anyway. Money from Medicare could and may already be siphoned off to serve the needs of "undocumented workers". Congress has already discussed "reapportioning" health care funds away from Medicare, after all.

So, why is AARP not crying to the heavens about Obama's policies against the elderly? Maybe it's because AARP is in no wise an actual advocacy group for those citizens who are older. The non-profit group has a markedly for-profit branch: supplemental insurance. The less the government offers those who paid into the program in the first place, the more supplemental insurers will be able to cover in their supplemental packages... and the more they can charge for their policies. It's about supply and demand. Medicare denies, senior citizens seek help elsewhere, AARP profits. For both the Obama administration and the AARP, your health care is all about the bottom line.

Tell me I'm wrong, and that AARP really does care about my parents.

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