Monday, July 06, 2009

Cranky Large Medium reading, 6 July

Go away.

Why haven't you left yet? Don't you have some patty-cake games to play with your intellectual superiors, or something? Get along, now, little dogie. Scoot. Go on. Skedaddle. Head up, move out... and still you stand here. Why is that the medium asked knowing the answer would make nobody happy. Oh, sure. You came here for a reading, and won't leave before you have it. Well, don't let me hold you back. Here you are:
You are a humorless stuffed shirt (I'm sorry, is that redundant? Too bad). You read much, ponder endlessly, and strive to make the most of your study habits. You enjoy cul-chah and refoinmint, and can't rest unless you throw all your resources into whatever you're doing. What a complete bore!
Are you happy, now? Of course not. But, even in your stiff, stolid performances, you still have a spark we like to call "life". That beats what these people have, as they all, on this date in history, became totally stiffs: Berengar II, Henry II, Edward VI, Peter III, Daniel Morgan, Granville Sharp, John Marshall, Claude V. Ricketts, Regiomantus, Georg Ohm, Bruno Augenstein, Genshin, Sir Thomas More, Edmund Grindal, Thomas Aufield, Ludovico Ariosto, Guy de Maupassant, Kenneth Grahame, William Faulkner, Kathleen E. Woodiwiss, Odilon Redon, Theodore "Fats" Navarro, Scott LaFaro, Otto Klemperer, Bobby Durham, John Frankenheimer, Brandon De Wilde, Cameron Mitchell, Roy Rogers, Buddy Ebsen, Kasey Rogers, Sad Sam Jones, Johnny Indrisano, Ruffian, Bob Johnson, Kathy Ahern,
and Louis Armstrong.

Basin? Do you need somebody to hold your hair or something? Don't look at me.
Happy birthday, anyway.

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