Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Is it too late for me to get cable tv?

For the past nine years, I've lived with the fact that I can't afford cable or satellite tv. I had one of those plug-in, electrically-enhanced sets of rabit ears, so I could watch the "Big" networks (ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX), plus a couple of channels of PBS stuff with a cruddy signal. (Not even a flicker of CW or whatever that station is that carries teen nighttime soaps. Thank the powers that be, for that.) With the conversion to digital, I got the cheapest little box I could find, and now I don't get CBS at all, at home. I'm not really missing it, except I have to go elsewhere for my Mark Harmon fix on Tuesdays. Mom doesn't seem to mind when I commandeer her guest room for the purpose.

Anyway, with the disgusting display by NBC's news team earlier this month, spending two days and nights in bed with the President and sharing the gross bits with the public, I have found myself losing another channel. I'm afraid to go back to that one.

And now, ABC is going there, too.

If this keeps up, very soon I'll be left with a box on my dresser which would make a very nice terrarium, but not much else.


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