Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Cranky Large Medium reading, 2 June

Go away.

Why are you here, still? Doesn't the circus miss you? Shouldn't you get yourself back to your cage? So why are you hanging around me? Oh, of course, you came for a reading. As if anybody actually came here for my good company... well, since you want the reading and you promise to leave happy if I give it to you, here you are:
You are probably working on the next Great American Novel, or so you think. Somebody must have told you once that you have great literary ability. You are impulsive and your mind is intuitive and imaginative, rather than analytical, but that won't get you published. Being a starving writer is just the excuse you use for hiding out at home and making a nest of your house.
Are you happy, now? Of course not. But you could look on the bright side of things. Even though you likely live in your parents' basement, at least it's living there. These people, on this date in history, went into the sub-cellar, never again to see the light of day: Shane O'Neill, Giuseppe Garibaldi, Huang Ju, Jean Paul de Gua de Malves, Gerald Whitrow, Saint Nicephorus, Jeremiah Shepard, George Leslie Mackay, Madeleine de Scudéry, George S. Kaufman, Vita Sackville-West, Leon Garfield, Ogata Korin, William Tate, Stan Rogers, Samuel Zarnocay Jr. aka Sammy Kaye, Adolphus A. "Doc" Cheatham, Vince Welnick, Kentarō Haneda, Ellas Otha Bates aka Bo Diddley, Albert Lamorisse, Leo Gorcey, Jim Hutton, Jack Gilford, Rex Harrison, Mel Ferrer, Imogene Coca, Frank Jarvis, Lou Gehrig, Bruce McLaren, Hiroshi Kazato, Johnny Mize, Joey Maxim, Fred Blassie, Jonas Alströmer, Karl Brandt, Viktor Brack, Karl Gebhardt, Waldemar Hoven, Wolfram Sievers,
and Andrés Segovia.

Bach to basics.
Happy birthday, anyway.

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