Friday, June 12, 2009

Cranky Large Medium reading, 12 June

Drat. You found me. Go away.

Will you be going? Please? This old body can't take the stress of all this traffic. What will make you leave? You want a reading? Sigh. I suppose if I must, I must. And you will leave once you have it? Ah, that sounds lovely. So, then, here you are:
You are artsy and wrapped up in the notion that you have musical talents, so you seek the company of those who genuinely do. Somehow, you do manage to remain popular. You can be affectionate, and will have a marriage full of sickly-sweet mush, so please don't bring it back here. I have a low threshold for goo.
Are you happy, now? Of course not. But just sit back and think positively -- you're still alive. That beats what these people had, which is that, on this date in history, they surrendered all to the certainty other than taxes: Ethelfleda, John FitzAlan, 14th Earl of Arundel, James FitzJames, 1st Duke of Berwick, Imagawa Yoshimoto, Ii Naomori, Philip Livingston, Egwale Seyon, Medgar Evers, Masayoshi Ohira, Frédéric Passy, Karl von Frisch, Pope Leo III, Lyfing, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, Thomas Farnaby, Scott Young, Alexander Deyneka, John Ireland, Lou Monte, Milburn Stone, Christopher Collins, Gregory Peck, Norma Shearer, Derek Tapscott, Nicole Brown Simpson, Ronald Goldman, Bill Blass, Don Herbert,
and Jimmy Dorsey.

You're not exactly solid and in the groove.
Happy birthday, anyway.

(Apologies if you were hoping to see this here earlier. My cave had a small collapse, and it took a few extra hours to dig back to daylight for meditation.)

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