Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cranky Large Medium reading, 31 May

Go away.

Will you get gone? What is it with people, that they always seem to need to hang around where they're not really wanted? Can you go away? Is it within your sphere of abilities? Are you able to turn around and go? Or don't your feet work that way? You only walk uphill? I can solve that with one shove, you know. Oh, it's not that you can't walk downhill, it's that you won't go until you get a reading? Well, in that case, let me hurry you out of here with this. Here you are:
You want people to believe you are artistic, so you decorate yourself and your surroundings in outlandish fashion for just that purpose. Those with real talent will see right through you. You need to be seen out and about, hitting clubs and night spots like an alley cat looking for a half-filled can of tuna. Children fascinate you, and you put a lot of time into watching your own grow up before you.
Are you happy, now? Of course not. But who cares? At least you're still breathing, and that surely beats anything these people have, as, on this date in history, they all walked up the Eternity Road: Ashikaga Yoshimitsu, Elizabeth Blackwell, Pierre Lemonnier, Samuel Bentham, √Čvariste Galois, Jacques Monod, James Rainwater, James Bennett Griffin, Raymond Davis Jr., Guido de Bres, Joachim Neander, Thomas Chalmers, Leopold Staff, Tintoretto, Jane Frank, Franz Joseph Haydn, Billy Strayhorn, Herva Nelli, Johnnie Taylor, Robert Quine, Joseph Grimaldi, William Castle, Arlene Francis, Terry Sawchuk, Jack Dempsey, Spuds Mackenzie, Timothy Leary,
and Ernest A. "Tito" Puente, Jr.

Now, get those feet moving.
Happy birthday, anyway.

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