Monday, April 13, 2009

Cranky Large Medium reading, 13 April

Go away.

Why aren't you far gone? Is it too much to ask that you Fargo? How about just to the other side of the gate? How about just outside my field of vision. No, that won't work; my being a medium means my field of vision is too extensive. Guano! Well, then, what can I do to make you leave? A reading. As if I couldn't have seen that coming. Well, then, if it makes you happy enough to leave me, here you are:
You are stubborn, flighty, and... will you please learn to sit still? You don't let it bother you when people interrupt you while you're implementing some plan. Instead, you work around them and ignore public opinion -- especially when it's right and you're insane. You are quiet and withdrawn, don't make friends ... sort of like Jeffrey Dahmer. Remind me to pass, next time you invite me for dinner.
Are you happy, now? Of course not. Still, for all that you're disappointed, as usual, in your life, at least it's a life. It's better than what these people have, after having, on this date in history, gone skydiving off the edge of the planet and into the next dimension: Boris Godunov (not the guy from Bullwinkle!), Sasaki Kojirō, George Washington Glick, John McLane (not the one from the movies), Asaka Yasuhiko Leopold Gmelin, Henry De la Beche, Robert Fortune, Annie Jump Cannon, John Wheeler, Paul the Deacon, Richard Montagu, Bruno Bauer, Jean de la Fontaine, Ishikawa Takuboku, Georges Duhamel, Wallace Stegner, William Quiller Orchardson, Franz Danzi, Milton Brown, Ralph Kirkpatrick, Larry Parks, Richard Hurndall, Stephen Stucker, Michel Brière, Markus Höttinger, Voldemar Väli, Lou Berberet, Don Blasingame, Bill Baker, Pierre Gaspard Chaumette,
and Johnnie Johnson.

It must be nice to have your own blues, mustn't it?
Happy birthday, anyway.

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