Saturday, February 07, 2009

When doctors should have refused to give treatment

I'm bug-nutz. I know this. It's been certified by a professional, over a decade ago, that I'm BP (and not in a fossil fuel sense). I've learned to cope with my problems, to keep myself from being a real problem for anybody else (except, occasionally, my parents -- thank all powers that be for their patience).

Even before I knew I was bug-nutz, I knew there was something defective enough with me that I would not have been a good parent. It wasn't just the low self esteem talking. Being crazy is something you don't dump on other people if you don't have to. You especially don't offer it up as an experience for itsy bitsy people. If you know you have a problem coping with life, you don't go off and have as many babies as possible to share the sicknesses. At least, I didn't.

Granted, being diagnosed as nutty as a Stuckey's log is one of those things which will often bring a person lots and lots of sympathy and "tolerance". The public is always ready to support a loon... until he or she costs the public real money (witness twice-elected, newly-impeached Rod Blagojevich). But immediate contact with the cracker, by certain individuals of responsibility, should put a stop to the more reckless behavior of said flake. Note: I said "should".

So, how is it that this woman got doctors in a clinic to give her eight -- count them, eight -- wee ones in a single batch, and not send her, first, for real counseling? The woman needed real help, and all they did was to feed her obsession/delusion. I smell serious ethics board hearings and a malpractice case coming. Hmm. Maybe that's how she can now expect to pay for raising her massive bundle of humanity?

Whatever happens, I sure as heck hope those babies get a lot of really good psychological help. Nuts don't fall far from the tree. Especially when the tree is encouraged to grow nuttier, instead of branching out.

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Joan of Argghh! said...

So, that's why I enjoy your blog so much. Feels... comfy.