Friday, February 20, 2009

Let's tax drivers by the mile

By all means, let's follow the idea our new energy czar has put forth, of taxing drivers by the mile. I can guarantee it will absolutely kill all businesses in rural and semi-rural communities. I will never again be able to afford to take my car across the river to Burlington, IA to shop at Hobby Lobby for my art supplies, and my friend and I will no longer try to sell our little tchatchkes at the little antiques mall... mostly because nobody else will drive to the little town to buy the little tchatchkes. Mom will not drive to Galesburg, IL to have her computers cleaned and repaired by the regional professionals. Dad will not go to Macomb, Bushnell, Galesburg, or any of the other places in the region to attend auctions (where he regularly buys his toys at a fairly not-cheap rate).

We will mail-order what we need, from gigantic warehouse companies based in cities overseas. That should really help the national economy, shouldn't it?

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