Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cranky Large Medium reading, 10 February

Go away.

Why do you still stand in my presence? And, please don't take that as an invitation to sit. I vahnt to be alohhnnne. So go you must. Oh, right. Not before you get your stinkin' readin'. Fine. Here you are:
Practice self-reliance and concentration. Not that they'll improve your life or anything, considering your general nature, but those are good things to practice, anyway. You make and break engagements easily, if they interfere with your convenience. In other words, you're a selfish, inconsiderate sumbidge, and somebody ought to kick you in the shins.
Are you happy, now? Of course not. It's not as if you got a bundle of roses. This is your life, after all. AS opposed to what these people all had, when they, on this date in history, opted out of oxygen use: King Baldwin III of Jerusalem, Emperor Shijō, Queen Margaret II of Flanders, Heinrich Lenz, Sofia Kovalevskaya, Joseph Lister, Wilhelm Röntgen, Eugène Michel Antoniadi, Henry Drysdale Dakin, Eugen Sänger, Friedrich Christoph Oetinger, Pope Leo XII, Pope Pius XI, William Dugdale, Montesquieu, Aleksandr Pushkin, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Alex Haley, Arthur Miller, Steve Gerber, Thomas Ripley, John William Waterhouse, Billy Rose, Dave Van Ronk, Ned Austin, Roy Scheider, David Von Erich, Johnny Mokan, Curt Hennig, The Dread Pirate Bartholomew Roberts, John A. Roche, Ernesto Teodoro Moneta, Abraham Beame,
George Holmes "Buddy" Tate,

and Jim Varney.

Know whut I mean?
Happy birthday, anyway.

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