Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cranky Large Medium reading, 29 January

Go away.

When will you be leaving? It really can not be too soon. Yesterday would be good for me. So, why are you still here, again? Oh, right. You want your reading. Sheesh. No respect for solitude and privacy. Well, here you are, then:
You are naturally ambitious and should be ashamed of yourself for what you do to further those ambitions. Choose one direction and follow it for a career or calling, instead of your usual tendency to grasp at everything in sight. Like every other mortal, you are capable of deep love... just inconsiderate enough to keep passing on the opportunity to make it happen. Too bad. If you'd just been a little less pushy, we could have been an item. Yah, sure, ya betcha.
Are you happy, now? Of course not. Inconsiderate nerk. At least you have something to hang on to, to be happy for, unlike these people, who, on this date in history, surrendered everything to the fates: Tsar Alexis I, King George III, Aleksei Maksimovich Kaledin, Fritz Haber, Pope Gelasius II, Jeronimo Lobo, Charles Sackville, Louis Racine, Sara Teasdale, Henry Louis Mencken, Robert Frost, Basil Liddell Hart, Yasushi Inoue, M. M. Kaye, Alfred Sisley, Elias Ammerbach, Fritz Kreisler, Alan Ladd, Freddie Prinze, Jimmy Durante, Leif Erickson, Harold Russell, Ron Kostelnik, Ulrike Maier, Dick "Night Train" Lane, Barbaro, Allen Dulles,
and Eric Griffiths.

Dig it! Pre-Beatles rock!
Happy birthday, anyway.

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