Friday, November 07, 2008

Cranky Large Medium reading, 7 November

Go away.

Didn't I just tell you to make tracks? What are you still here, for, then? Will you go if I give you a fast-and-dirty reading? Well, I don't do smut, so you'll have to settle for fast-and-clean. Here you are:
Jeepers, try to keep your temper and other impulses in check! I know it's not easy, but your judgment would improve to almost-useful, if you gave yourself some time to think things through. When you're not throwing tantrums, you can be fun and fun-loving, but nobody knows when the changes are likely to occur. Even if you're on meds, your romance is likely to be maddeningly roller-coaster-like. Consider body armor a necessity.
Are you still not happy? Cry-moe-netly, you're hard to please. You should be satisfied you're not one of these folks, who all, on this date in history, rode the last escalator: שלמה לוריא aka Solomon Luria aka Maharshal, Elijah P. Lovejoy, Eleanor Roosevelt, John Nance Garner, Cornelius Jacobszoon Drebbel, Alfred Clebsch, Heinrich Seidel, Alfred Russel Wallace, Alexander Gelfond, Eric Linklater, Germaine Tailleferre, Tracy Pew, Shorty Rogers, Howard Keel, Dwight Frye, Steve McQueen, Jack Kelly, Elizabeth Barry, Sam Thompson, Rube Bressler, Gene Tunney, Johnny Sain, Hannah Szenes,
and Carter Cornelius.

It's too late to prevent adulthood.
Happy birthday, anyway.

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