Monday, November 03, 2008

Cranky Large Medium reading, 3 November

Go away.

When will you leave? Yesterday is too late, after all. So, if I give you a reading, will you be happy and skip away down the path to someplace else? Swell. Here you are:
Impulsive and moody, you will be constantly demanding of affection from your mate. If you have a lick of mercy in you, stay single and celibate. Instead, take advantage of every opportunity for a change of scenery, and adapt to your new environment without turning into a serial killer. Try being generous for a change, and learn the pleasure of helping others instead of just yourself.
So, there. Does that make you happy? If not, I don't really give a fig. You're certainly better off than these folks, who entered into the fertilizer business on this date in history: Constantius II, John III Doukas Vatatzes, John Bainbridge, Paul Guldin, Emile Roux, Saint Pirminius, Henri Matisse, Bob Kane, Charles Tournemire, Alfredo Antonini, Mort Shuman, Lonnie Donegan, Jonathan Harris, Paul Willis, Richard Hurndall, John Orchard, Ian Bannen, Annie Oakley, Mary Martin, Marie Rudisill, Sergei Zholtok, Solomon R. Guggenheim,
John Henry Barbee

and Leon Theremin.

Eerie? No, Pittsburgh.
Happy birthday, anyway.

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