Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cranky Large Medium reading, 13 November

Go away.

Why are you still here? Have I sinned so greatly in a past life? Why won't you leave me alone? Oh, of course, you neeeeeeed a reading. So what else is new? Well, here you are:
You lack tact. You constantly want to move from one place to the next without thinking about the consequences, but don't complain too bitterly when you have to sit still for a minute. You read a lot, and talk a good deal, smoothly spinning yarns. It's probably too late for you to marry happily.
So. How do you like yourself, now? How's life? Hey, at least it's better than what these folks all have, since they, as of this date in history, spin only in their graves: Pope Nicholas I, King Malcolm III of Scotland, King Fulk of Jerusalem, Prince Henry the Navigator, Geronimo Mercuriali, Adolphe Napoleon Didron, Margaret Murray, Motoo Kimura, Swami Rama, Thomas May, Margaret Wise Brown, Ludovico Carracci, Camille Pissarro, Gioacchino Rossini, Antal Dorati, Bill Doggett, Russell Tyrone Jones, Lila Lee, Valerie Hobson, Kellie Waymire, Victor Davis, Red Holzman, Eddie Guerrero, Karen Silkwood, Junior Samples, George Robert Vincent, Vine Deloria, Jr.,
and Donald Mills.

Actually, I got too much body. You might lose a few pounds, too.
Happy birthday, anyway.

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