Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Cranky Large Medium reading, 8 October

Go away.

Are you still here? What on earth possesses you? Oh. Sure. Fortune. Like there's any great secret to who and what you are. After all:
You are pretty darned cocky, aren't you? And you have no qualms about blurting out whatever facts are on your mind at the moment. But then, you can actually sit quietly, when you want, and that's usually when everybody else wants to party out loud. It takes a dedicated, perhaps masochistic, friend to open you up to find your better humor.
So. There. Left you unsatisfied, did it? Well, at least you've got a better lot than all these folks, who crossed the rainbow bridge on this date in the past: Emperor Fushimi, Emperor Yongzheng, John Hancock, Franklin Pierce, Clement Attlee, Willy Brandt, John Greaves, Malcolm Ross, Jean de Quen, Andrew Kippis, Henry Fielding, Alexei Savrasov, Bertrand Goldberg, Jean-Joseph de Mondonville, François-Adrien Boïeldieu, Solomon Linda, Barrie James Wilson, Christopher Keene, Nigel Bruce, Fernando Lamas, Joan Hackett, Leon Kessling "Red" Ames, Joe Adams, John McLendon, Mark Porter, William Henry Stark, Wendell Willkie, James Chace,
and Kathleen Ferrier.

Now, make like the wind and blow.
Happy birthday, too. Whatever.

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