Thursday, July 31, 2008

31 July Fortune Teller says

Your birthday today:
You are cautious, careful, a good planner and have a fair amount of executive ability. Because of your keen foresight and good judgment, many seek your advice and profit by it. You are frank and honest in your judgment of others. Take care in the selection of your mate and do not marry in haste.
The only name on this particular section of the page is "frank", and, to be honest, we don't know whether or not he is you. If you are, indeed, frank, you will tell us, won't you? And, as a good planner, you will probably have a magnificent party, especially if you include a few of these other birthday notables: Amarsinh Chaudhary, George Henry Thomas, William Bennett, Alessandro Algardi, Gabriel Cramer, John Canton, John Ericsson, Richard Dixon Oldham, Mary Vaux Walcott, Milton Friedman, Paul D. Boyer, Primo Levi, Robert C. Merton, Brett Halliday, Irv Kupcinet, Lynne Reid Banks, J. K. Rowling, Jean Dubuffet, George Liberace, Ahmet Erteg√ľn, Kenny Burrell, Roland Kent Lavoie aka Lobo, Gary Lewis, Bob Welch, Daniel Ash, Bill Berry, Stanley Jordan, Quentin Leo Cook aka Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim, Jim Corr, John 5 Lowery, Joshua Cain, Will Champion, Fred Quimby, Bill Todman, Don Murray, Oleg Popov, Geoffrey Lewis, Sab Shimono, Lane Davies, Barry Van Dyke, James Read, Michael Biehn, Dirk Blocker, Wesley Snipes, Dean Cain, Loren Dean, B. J. Novak, Eric Lively, France Nuyen, Susan Flannery, Geraldine Chaplin, Emilia Fox, Annie Parisse, Brittany Byrnes, Bryan Hextall, Billy Hitchcock, Curt Gowdy, Hank Bauer, Evonne Goolagong, Alan Autry, Leon Durham, Mark Cuban, Dale Hunter, Scott Brooks, Jonathan Ogden, Tim Couch, Michael Bradley, William Quantrill, Sebastian S. Kresge, Whitney Young, John Searle, Chandra North,
Hank Jones

and Ted Cassidy.

You don't have to sing for your cake.
Happy birthday!

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