Wednesday, July 30, 2008

30 July Fortune Teller says

Your birthday today:
You have definite likes and dislikes. You make few friends, but those few are real and loyal to you. You are ambitious, energetic and persevering and adapt yourself readily to every necessity. You are demonstrative in your great love of your family. Your interests center around your home and dear ones.
Adapt yourself to sharing the day with MArgaret J ZiMMerMAN (S.DAK). If you'd prefer, though, you might consider throwing a party to include, as well, a few of these other birthday notables: Ferdinando I de' Medici, Fatima Jinnah, Regnier de Graaf, Chaim Aronson, Thorstein Veblen, Vladimir Zworykin, Sir Clive Sinclair, Henry Moore, Edgar de Evia, Giorgio Vasari, Samuel Rogers, Emily Brontë, Maria Anna Mozart, Grant Johannesen, Christine McGuire, Paul Anka, David Sanborne, Duck Baker, Neal McCoy, Sean Moore, Ian Watkins, Sid Krofft, Peter Bogdanovich, Richard Linklater, Dick Wilson, Victor Wong, Edd Byrnes, William Atherton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jean Reno, Frank Stallone, Ken Olin, Laurence Fishburne, Simon Baker, Tom Green, Delta Burke, Lisa Kudrow, Vivica A. Fox, Christine Taylor, Hilary Swank, Jaime Pressly, Casey Stengel, Joe Nuxhall, Bud Selig, Daley Thompson, Chris Mullin, Terry Crews, Kevin Pittsnogle, Henry Ford, C. Northcote Parkinson, Eleanor Smeal, Anita Hill, Alton Brown,
George "Buddy" Guy

and Kate Bush.

And now for some cakebusting.
Happy birthday!

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