Friday, June 20, 2008

Monmouth Rebellion!

Today is the anniversary of the Monmouth Rebellion. No, it has nothing to do with my having hit adolescence in western Illinois and found my parents' comprehension of teen issues to be somewhat lacking. 323 years ago, James Scott, the 1st Duke of Monmouth, decided he'd be a better, more appropriate king of all England than that irksome papist, James II. He and his pals rose up and challenged the son of Catherine of Braganza for the right to wear the crown.

Like so many attempts to seize the throne before it and since, it ended badly. But some of Monmouth's supporters were transported to the colonies... Hmmmmm. I wonder if...? Nah. As far as our local historians know, none of their descendants actually wound up here in this little burg.

But still.

Cry havoc! and let slip the corgis of war!

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