Thursday, June 05, 2008


The man who asked us to elect him based, not on his exceedingly slim experience, but on his judgment has seen another of his close personal and professional ties going down in flames, and he says, once more, "That's not the [fill in the blank] I knew!"

Apparently, he hadn't realized the political clout one gains in Chicago is usually via serious corruption.

He hadn't realized his inflammatory minister was a racist and a race-baiter.

He hadn't realized that his entire church supported racial hatred.

He hadn't realized that one of his top political sponsors was an unrepentant terrorist.

He hadn't realized that his grandma was white, that his father, mother and early mentor were communists (or, at the very least, fellow travelers).

He hadn't realized that the 1965 civil rights march in Selma happened after his 1961 birth, so it could not have been the cause of or inspiration for his birth... unless there's something we all should really know.

He hadn't realized that, by appearing eager to negotiate, Kennedy showed a weakness which inspired Krushchev to escalate toward the Cuban Missile Crisis. Ditto Truman to Stalin at Yalta, toward European/Asian expansion.

He hadn't realized that there are other countries on this planet whose leaders truly hate our country and the freedom it represents, and who believe that, if he is elected, he will help them destroy this country from within.

He hadn't realized that Iran's leaders have consistently stated their intention of wiping not only Israel but all of us Westerners off the map (and that the face of their leadership is a true believer that he will bring about the end of days).

He hadn't realized that the surge he was against has been working.

He hadn't realized that fallen soldiers don't usually stand visible to you from within crowds -- unless you're Haley Joel Osment.

He hadn't realized that, in order for his uncle (great or otherwise) to have liberated Auschwitz, he would have had to be (a) not a sailor, but a soldier, and (b) a Russian one, at that.

He hadn't realized that there are only 50 states in this country, or that his home state (okay, the one he ostensibly represents in the Senate) of Illinois is actually closer to Kentucky than Arkansas is (funny thing, how contiguous is closer than simply regional).

He hadn't realized that Hollywood makes stuff up.

Hmmm. That last one comes back at him, doesn't it?

Update: John Bolton has a little to say about Baracumen.

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