Thursday, June 05, 2008

5 June Fortune Teller says

Your birthday today:
You have very definite emotions ; love deeply and hate intensely. You play whole-heartedly and work with enthusiasm and concentration. You make and act upon all decisions quickly. Usually kind and thoughtful, you sometimes speak brusquely and harshly under provocation.
Just because I can't find any names written into the book doesn't mean you ought to speak harshly to me, gosh darn it. Maybe, instead, you can find your kindness by seeking out a few party friends from among this group of famed birthday celebrants: Socrates, Bernardino Baldi, Elena Cornaro Piscopia, Adam Smith, John Maynard Keynes, John Couch Adams, Dennis Gabor, Pu Songling, Federico García Lorca, Richard Scarry, Cornelius Ryan, Christy Brown, Margaret Drabble, Spalding Gray, Matthew Lesko, Ken Follett, Suze Orman, Tony Jackson, Daniel Pinkham, Colm Wilkinson, Freddie Stone, Nicko McBrain, Richard Butler, Kenneth "Kenny G" Gorelick, Anthony Burger, Sandrine Piau, Brian McKnight, Sebastien Lefebvre, Tony Richardson, William Boyd, John Abbott, Ron Livingston, Mark Wahlberg, Chad Allen, Liza Weil, Art Donovan, Robert Kraft, Russ Ortiz, Jason White, Bill Bray, Thomas Chippendale*, Pat Garrett, Pancho Villa, Bill Moyers, Mary Kay Bergman,
Laurie Anderson

and Tom Evans.

Come and get your cake.
Happy birthday!

*Actual birth date unknown. This is his baptism date.

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