Friday, May 23, 2008

Radioactive question

It says in the newsy media that China has "contained sources of radiation" in the rubble of quake-damaged areas. The first graf indicates containment of 15, but further down, it says:
He [Wu Xiaoqing, China's vice minister for environmental protection] said 50 sources of radiation were buried by debris from the massive earthquake in central China, 35 of which had been secured. The rest lay buried or located but unreachable under collapsed buildings. He gave no specifics about the radiation sources.

Why hasn't anybody else asked precisely what were those "sources"? What the heck was going on, there? They seem to be awfully vague in their explanations ("they" being both the Chinese and the media).

I pray as much as the next agnostic for a speedy recovery from this disaster, for the people of China to rise from the ruins well and with minimal pain. I just worry what their government isn't telling them (and us) about what's under their feet and potentially in their water and air... and how & why it got there.

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