Monday, May 05, 2008

Blago getting nervous?

He seems to be trying to shut down our state's societal defense system:
Gov. Rod Blagojevich's administration wants to close the state prison in Pontiac, says Sen. Dan Rutherford, R-Chenoa.

Rutherford got the unexpected news today. He said a letter from the Department of Corrections, which runs Pontiac and other state correctional centers, says that the agency no longer plans to close part of the Stateville prison near Joliet. Instead, DOC now is looking at shuttering the Pontiac facility.
I'm not surprised. One of his first real acts as gov was to renege on his promise to open the one in Tomson, and after much fuss and ado, finally had to cave and open the new building just a couple of years ago -- nearly five years after the building was completed and ready to begin housing inmates. And it's still nowhere near capacity. So, his proposal to shut down the newer and somewhat-more-distant-from-Chicago facility is not at all a novel approach, here.

Maybe, though, with all the Rezko stuff, he's just looking out for his own future. After all, he seems to have a problem with being away from Chicago for any length of time. Joliet is at least an hour closer to the city than is Pontiac:

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