Thursday, May 08, 2008

8 May Fortune Teller says

Your birthday today:
You have a sunny disposition and a charming personality. You have quite a bit of originality, with and humor, but little self-reliance. You could do much more if you would make the effort and have more self-assurance. You like light literature and "good times." You will always be happy.
Nobody seems to be having a birthday today (at least, according to the book), so direct your sunny disposition and charming personality to having your own private birthday bash, perhaps including a few of these other notables, just for good times: Harry S. Truman, Miguel Hidalgo, Louis Moreau Gottschalk, Johan Jensen, James H. "Dutch" Kindelberger, Andrew E. Svenson, Friedrich Hayek, Alain-René Lesage, Adolphe-Basile Routhier, Edmund Wilson, Sloan Wilson, Gary Snyder, Thomas Pynchon, Peter Benchley, Red Nichols, Robert Johnson, John Fred, Toni Tenille, Paul Samwell-Smith, Gary Glitter, Keith Jarrett, Dame Felicity "Flott" Lott, Philip Bailey, Chris Frantz, Alex Van Halen, Billy Burnette, Eric Brittingham, Enrique Iglesias, Martha Wainwright, Roberto Rossellini, Lex Barker, David Keith, Miyoshi Umeki, Phyllida Law, Ross Barnes, Dan Brouthers, Edd Roush, Sonny Liston, Akebono Taro, Korey Stringer, William Henry Vanderbilt, Jean Henri Dunant, Oscar Hammerstein I, Fulton J. Sheen, David Attenborough, Don Rickles,
Bob Clampett

and Rick Nelson.

That's mighty good birthday cake.
Happy birthday!

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