Friday, April 11, 2008

11 April Fortune Teller says

Your birthday today:
You can adapt yourself readily to change of environment ; faithful to duty, loyal to your friends and enthusiastic in your work. You have great power of determination and through it you surmount successfully many difficulties. Your love is deep and you will compel the same in return.
You will, sadly, not have the company of anybody from the book to share today with you, as that space is left blank. However, as you are ready to adapt, perhaps you will opt to throw a party and include a few of these other birthday notables: Septimius Severus, Edward Everett, Charles Evans Hughes, Jane Bolin, Dean Acheson, Ethel Kennedy, James Parkinson, William Wallace Campbell, Percy Lavon Julian, Ivor Spencer-Thomas, Andrew Wiles, Gustav Vigeland, Dale Messick, Christopher Smart, Leo Rosten, David Westheimer, Mark Strand, James Patrick Kelly, Kurt Moll, Paul Fox, Stuart Adamson, Doug Hopkins, Johann Sebastian Paetsch, Lisa Stansfield, Oliver Riedel, Howard W. Koch, John Milius, Johnny Sheffield, Joel Grey, Peter Riegert, Meshach Taylor, Carl Franklin, Vincent Gallo, Mason Reese, Johnny Messner, Brett Claywell, Louise Lasser, Jennifer Esposito, Tricia Helfer, Cap Anson, Jim Hearn, Bret Saberhagen, Josh Hancock, Oleg Cassini, Tony Brown, Ellen Goodman, Michael Deaver,
Richard Berry

and Nick LaRocca.

Blow out those birthday candles with Palesteena Lena's concertina...

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