Sunday, March 16, 2008

16 March Fortune Teller says

Your birthday today:
Your serious nature is known by only your most intimate friends, because you cover with a blithe and happy-go-lucky disposition. Any unhappiness is kept to yourself and you are kind without the knowledge of others. You can command a great love and will be very happy.
You have nobody in the book with which to share this day, so command a great party and invite a few of these birthday notables to join you in celebration: James Madison, Reza Shah Pahlavi, Patricia Nixon, Captain Matthew Flinders, Caroline Herschel, Frederick Reines, Luis E. Miramontes, Richard Stallman, John Butler Yeats, Margaret Weis, Leon Roppolo, John Addison, Christa Ludwig, Tommy Flanagan, Teresa Berganza, Fred Neil, Elliott Murphy, Nancy Wilson, William Jonathan Drayton, Jr., Michael Bruce and Jimmy Degrasso, Bernardo Bertolucci, Gore Verbinski, Chuck Woolery, Henny Youngman, Leo McKern, Jerry Lewis, Erik Estrada, Victor Garber, Kevin Smith, Alan Tudyk, Paul Schneider, Mercedes McCambridge, Kate Nelligan, Lauren Graham, Patsy Donovan, Reggie Walker, Duane Sutter, Rashad Moore, Josef Mengele, Traudl Junge, Walter Cunningham, Peaches Geldof, Wolfgang Van Halen,
and Jerry Jeff Walker.

Rodeo-deodeodeo birthday!

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