Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Dogblog: Clydeflower... yummy!

About midday, Clyde gets a stroll around the garden and a few biscuits (not necessarily at the same time). I always figure, when he's licking his chops at the start of the amble, it's because he's thinking of those rawhide "pigs' ears" back inside.

Thinking of tasty treats
The other day, Clyde spent a few minutes pretending he was a bloodhound, on the trail of something... or so I thought.

The Hunt is On
He made his way across the grass, over to the patch of tall sunflowers and Indian Blankets and other composites in the southern patch of Pop's garden... I assumed he was just going behind plants to "water" them.

Bee & Blanketflower
I studiously examined the flowers -- and their contents -- for a couple of minutes, until Clyde came back out into the open. (I'll admit it, I don't much care to watch any animal voiding, and I think most domestic ones want some privacy for it, anyway.)

That Was Yummy!
I think he found something more than a place to lift his leg.

Fortunately, whatever he discovered had no adverse effect upon his digestion.

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