Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Let us get our facts straight, please!

I really hate waking up in the wee hours and catching stupidity and/or lies in the network newsy broadcasts. That sort of thing can keep me up for hours afterwards, steaming and fuming and scaring the cats.

Last night was little different. Sometime in the hours between my having my friends come over and the oh-dark-hundred walk down my hall to the throne room, ABC's reporting staff "covered" (a repeat from either the evening news or Nightline, I'm assuming) the Dark Lord's announcement of his impending resignation. Okay, so the facts seem to be in order on that...

But then the reporter (and don't ask me his name. It was oh-dark-hundred, after all) said something about "after his terribly divisive political strategies and his leaking Valerie Plame's identity..."

Who leaked Plame's name
, again? And who is the dismissive, divisive guy in D.C.?

I know there aren't many people paying attention to anything during the hours between midnight and dawn, but, could somebody please get a clue and at least strive for a little accuracy?

It would help me get back to sleep a little faster. Thanks.

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