Friday, August 10, 2007

I'm shopping for a new paper

I've been published in the local dinomedia for nearly six years, now. More than two hundred eighty columns have I submitted, and, except for a couple of occasions when electronic communications faltered, the paper has run my column each time, at no cost to me.

I've done this work largely as my inexpensive version of psychotherapy (it keeps me focused on something other than my being depressed or manic or whichever), and as a sort of salute to the community, I guess. The powers that be know I'm not in it for the money, or the glory, or any such nonsense. In the first year or two, every day I'd read some far-left character trying to convince himself and the world that he was a centrist, when, in fact, that person would think the Daily Kos was a conservative site. Mostly, I started it because there didn't seem to be a regular conservative voice published in the region -- only the occasional letter from a member of the college's business department and the not-quite-so-rare piece by another faculty member (this time, from the history department), leaning heavily toward book reviews, not so much the political and regional commentary.

I rather considered myself a "townie," offering a separate perspective for the community to agree with or pick apart, as it saw fit.

I still do.

Unfortunately, for two weeks in a row, the paper has failed to run my words, and has offered me no reason, no excuse, no apologies for ignoring my work. Did I write something they felt was too offensive to be printed in small-town press? Perhaps it was the mention of a commode, in the header? Perhaps somebody threatened them with a lawsuit if they allowed me to continue to point out hypocrisy in the enforcement of unconstitutional laws? I really don't know. Nobody has bothered to reply to my inquiries.

Therefore, if you know of a print -- or internet -- news outlet in search of a moderately conservative columnist who works cheap, please let me know, or let the editors know I'm available.

One thing, though: I don't do Windows.

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