Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Early dogblog: Clyde is at the vet's

Caution! This blog has unpleasant content!

Clyde has not been feeling very well.

Last night, after he returned from his walk with Dad, he suffered repeated projectile vomiting, followed by a night of drinking large quantities of water and seeing it all come back up again all over the house. This morning, he was dry heaving, so Mom got on the horn to the veterinarian's office, and they took Clyde right in (they like him a whole lot, so, even if they hadn't found his upset stomach a worrisome thing, they'd have asked her to bring him by).

They checked his pancreas, x-rayed him, and found nothing of more concern than a couple of air bubbles in his intestinal tract. He was already showing signs that whatever had bothered him was gone -- his spirit was up from only a few hours ago. But they agreed Clyde was rather badly dehydrated, and so he is staying there, on intravenous fluids, for a couple of days.

Clyde has suffered from some sort of poisoning once before -- his mommy (my seester) said he nearly died from it, and they never really figured out what it was or how he got into it -- and we're so very fortunate to have him around.

Keep your fingers crossed for a rapid recovery. The house just doesn't feel right without that big smelly galoot collapsing underfoot and asking for a belly rub.

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lisa said...

Sending lots of love and get well wishes to Clyde!