Thursday, July 19, 2007

Democrats in Congress hope we'll die

One way or another, it seems that the aim of Democrats in Congress is to kill Americans. It doesn't matter that you might have voted for them, at one time. All that matters is that they appear to be looking out for the interests of the little guy... as he's being blown up.

Think I'm kidding? Try this on for size: they're cutting an amendment to the most recent homeland security bill. The amendment protects any "John Doe" from lawsuits, should he report what appears to be suspicious activity. This is a response to the "Flying Imams" lawsuit, in which CAIR filed suit against the airline and a group of anonymous passengers on a flight from Minneapolis, for being genuinely concerned by genuinely suspicious activity.

The purpose behind the amendment is to protect those who would be Good Samaritans from being bullied, by such aggressive organizations as CAIR, into silence. This is not only bad for national security, it's just generally a bad policy for local and regional protection. It intimidates people in much the same way other bullies' threats do, into allowing dangerous activities to take hold and develop.

If a citizen makes a good faith call to police or FBI about something, there should be NO repercussions. This amendment would protect such good faith callers. If you haven't already done so, contact your congresscritter and give him what for, on this (if not on every other damned stunt they're pulling, this summer). Let the jackasses on Capitol Hill know you don't appreciate being told to sit down and shut up when your life -- or the lives of those you love -- is on the line.

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