Saturday, May 26, 2007

Mom's home from the hospital -- before anybody knew she went there

Mom woke up this morning feeling seriously dizzy, so, after waiting a very short while to be certain it wasn't going away, she had Dad take her to the hospital.

She's home, now, having had her head examined (something she often says she should have done when she had two kids after me...), and is awaiting further results.

The important thing is, the scans done show she did not have a stroke. It's possible she's having a reaction to her new blood pressure meds, or part of her chronic sinus infection, or an inner-ear viral problem. At any rate, she seems to be more annoyed than anything, that she can't keep her balance.

Will update as more news comes in

Update, Sunday morning 9 a.m.: The lab results came back late yesterday, and her potassium levels were "a little low". It looks as though they're going to have to readjust her blood pressure meds and Mom and I will readjust our regimen (no caffeine for her, except on very rare occasions, so we're putting away the black tea and limiting access to chocolates -- which we really should have both done long ago). When she's back on an even kilter, we'll start buddy-system exercises, like Pilates (whatever the family of Pontius had to with fitness I'll never know)... and she now has an elliptical machine, of sorts, so I'll get her started on that.

But not today.

She's not yet to the point of freedom from dizziness, so she and I are staying home while Dad takes my seester to the airport. I'm feeding her strawberries and nagging her to eat her spinnage, too, like a good Popeye. Well, actually, I'm fixing her a spinach salad with strawberries and mandarin oranges and stuff, for lunch.

Meanwhile, there's more research (and laundry) to be done.

I still don't know why the physicians didn't just ask her to come back in for a little intravenous potassium replenishment. Hmmmph.

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