Saturday, May 26, 2007

Alabama student takes down dinoboar

lgf has the picture.

But looking at the image, I can't see any teeth on that monster.

Of course, it was killed in Alabama. It might have had its teeth fall out long ago, since in Alabama the Tuskaloosa.

Update: In case anybody wonders, I'm not yet convinced that the photo is a genuine representative of a "Hogzilla". It looks a little to me as though the kid is a bit far behind the rest of the shot. I may be wrong, though.

Update: My seester says she watched a show on Hogzilla, some time ago, in which it was pointed out there was a fish farmer in that general area who had been experimenting with feeds designed to accelerate and exaggerate growth in his fishies, and it was likely that Hogzilla had either eaten a mess o'fish food or a mess o'fish who'd been fed that food. This monster may have been of a like disposition.

Further, some of the experts in the comments and elsewhere seem to be of the same opinion as mine, regarding the placement of the shooter in the image. The kid is a little farther into the background, elbow on knee, so as to slightly exaggerate the size of the beast in front of him, but it does not appear to be fauxtography... just gaming the shot a bit. Kind of the reverse of the standard tourist picture of the guy holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa or picking the nose of one of the dead presidents at Mount Rushmore.

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