Friday, May 11, 2007

Friday Catblog: Out of Africa (or something like it)

Due to the age of my mower and the quality of my lungs, I can only mow my lawn in sections -- about fifteen minutes at a time. My yard is quite large, and with many obstacles, such as dwarf fruit trees, full-sized shade trees, raspberry canes, rhubarb plants, blueberry bushes, cherry bushes, rosebushes, spirea bushes, holly bushes, and assorted other bushes (none, that I know of, are from Texas, though). This challenging yard means that, quite often, a section gets to looking neglected.

Cats like this.

There is something both thrilling and comforting about a wild place.

Hiding in High Grasses

AyeAye and Shy Sister have effectively taken over The Veldt.

She Gives a Great Roar

I am afeard.

I hope I'm safe, sitting here in Mom's little neon. Safari can be dangerous. Out In the Open

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