Friday, April 06, 2007

O'Reilly/Geraldo fight. News at 7. Nap at 7:05.

Gads! I thought once the morning newsy show was over, the discussion over Geraldo and his FoxNews compatriot Bill O'Reilly would die down a bit. After all, they were both concerned about the safety of American citizens.

It's just that each of them thought there was only one real issue at hand, in the case they were discussing: Geraldo says it's exclusively about drunk driving, and O'Reilly says it's about illegal immigration and border controls.

Guess what, fellers? It's about both. If the drunk who killed the two teens in Virginia had been deported when he had been first arrested many moons ago, the teens would likely still be alive. Yeah, that's about scofflaw illegal immigrants. And it's about drinking and driving (personally, I've lost too many who were near and dear to me to have much forbearance for the asswipe who drinks and then gets behind the wheel of a vehicle).

And, as a reminder, it's not the first or last time a drunk illegal immigrant has cost somebody's life.

There is no need to come to blows over which issue is greater, here. They're both huge.

And, there's really no news in these guys having shouted over the airwaves, any more than there is news when my seester and I debate. It's not the first stone falling from the edifice of Fox News, for crying out loud. That station will be around a long while, yet, unless the Left manages to outlaw free speech.

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