Friday, April 06, 2007

books books books books movin' up an' down....

oops. that's not how the poem goes. But it is a bit of a description of my house, and it's got me following Dean Barnett as he posted at Hugh Hewitt's blog. I went over to Library Thing, as he suggested, and found myself engrossed for several hours, trying to enter my library into their database... Sadly, I have not yet even made a hiccup of a dent in the list I need to enter.

This is the problem with being a compulsive verbivore.

Still, if you have a library (and, you probably do), check out this site. It's way cool!

Afterthought: I'm going to have to ask for a lifetime membership for my birthday. The free account only allows you to enter 200 titles. That doesn't even cover what's in the bathroom, at home.

I gotta get more shelves, or stop going to auctions.

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