Friday, April 06, 2007

Boycotting the campaigns (until it really matters)

In case anybody missed my column following the interminable Oscars ceremony this past winter, there may be questions as to why I haven't really covered the current campaign for the '08 elections. Well, Anchoress has said it even better than I could:

I resent like hell that these politicians - all of them, but I seem to recall it was Hillary who started early, forcing everyone else to do so, as well - began their stumping and fund-raising two years before an election. Some of them - like Clinton - barely finished their re-election celebrations before reaching out their hands for ‘08 campaign funds.

They’ve decided to be in our faces for an excessive period of time, and the acquiescent media is allowing it by covering their every belch and hiccup, but that doesn’t mean I have to read it and get sucked into a pre-election vortex that has no business forming just now. Our “public servants,” duly elected to represent their states, are running back and forth across the country giving speeches, eating festival food and raising money, money, money instead of attending to the concerns of their constituents, voting on pending legislation, FUNDING OUR TROOPS and otherwise doing what they were hired to do.

I raise my can of Diet Coke to her, in salute to a woman who says what needed to be said. I'm with the Anchoress 100% on this.

I don't intend to discuss the campaign, either, until at least the primaries are actually upon us -- or unless something truly newsworthy occurs. Whichever comes first.

I forgot to give credit where credit is due -- hat tip to Gateway Pundit.

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