Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The use of children in ugly ways

Many people are now almost immune to the news of pedophiles, baby-rapists, and such abusing children. The news and entertainment industries have made a big noise (justfiably) about the problem, and it makes headlines on a regular basis.

The problem is, that's not new. Neither is the use of children as decoys in committing crimes. The news Charles Johnson posts at lgf is horrific, and deserves headlines, as well, but kids have been decoys for a very long time. The practice even touched our own family, in my pop's childhood.

Pop had an uncle who lived in Missouri, just across the border from "dry" Kansas, in the 1930s. After all the other states had repealed prohibition, Kansas continued to bar the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages. All liquor transport was stopped at the state lines. But Pop's uncle used to make the rum run on a regular basis, tossing my pre-school-aged pop on the seat above the crates of hooch.

The first time Pop was asked if he wanted to go for a drive in the country, it seemed like a swell time. But it gets to be a chore, and my father has, to this day, resented the role he played in breaking the law -- especially considering the risks being taken -- and, I believe, would not forgive his uncle even at graveside. After all, this was the sort of thing that would get the old man arrested, and where would the cops keep a little kid when the old man was in the clink? And, Pop was the sort of kid who had his moral bearings quite early -- he was a guaranteed Eagle Scout, he and his mom and sister and aunts all had strong senses of right and wrong.

Pop learned to dread the rides.

Pop was one of the lucky ones. He lived to tell the tales. He was otherwise unharmed, for all of his rides. He still has a family who loves him, regardless of how ill-used he was as a child.

The tots used by terrorists (why do the MSM persist in calling them "insurgents"?) have not been identified. The men who brought in the car bomb ran from the scene like cowards, letting the babies perish in a blast and a blaze. There was no love at all in this. Do the little ones' parents know and truly understand what happened to them? If so, how could they live with themselves, throwing away precious little ones in such a vile act. If not, then the act was doubly cruel for stealing the lives of little ones from caring families, and the terrorists will have a special place in hell.

From this agnostic's lips and keyboard to whatever deity's ear...

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