Sunday, March 04, 2007

OMG! No Friday Catblog!

Okay, so it's Sunday, already, and I've completely neglected the kitties (well, not really. I've been busy with them, rather than busy blogging them). Nevertheless, I've found a few pics from before the power went out, when I had hot water at the ready...

When the temperature dips below freezing out there, I put out very warm water (not so hot as to cook the beasties, but warm enough that it won't freeze over for an hour or two, warm enough to keep their little tummies from getting too chilly). Sometimes, they aren't quite ready for it, psychologically:

Hey, it's warm over here!
Shy Sister discovers the warmth, to her surprise.

Huh.  I'll be dipped!  So it is!
AyeAye has to be sure it's the same on both sides of the bucket.

What's so interesting, guys?
Furfur wants to know what's the big deal.

Duuuude!  check this out!
(Clockwise, from left) Furfur, Eubie, Shy Sister, and AyeAye all excited by the hot water bucket.

But Piers has other priorities:
You guys are excited over water, with all this kibble here?

My priority right now is to catch up on what I neglected Friday, and invite you to check out other beasties at Modulator's Friday Ark #128, and be sure to visit the Carnival of the Cats, tomorrow night (not the usual Sunday posting), at TacJammer.

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