Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Non-flying Imams to sue US Airways

Via Power Line comes the news that the Imams who disrupted a flight out of Minneapolis this past winter are preparing to sue the airline for their inconvenience and for having been "racially profiled". Uh huh.

One of the commenters was going in what I think is the right direction:
Could the other passengers file a civil suit against the Imams claiming that their actions were a terrorist threat or a probe leading to one?
But somehow, I'm pretty sure that bird won't fly. There really isn't any proof of links to terrorism, other than the usual links to CAIR.

OTOH, maybe those same passengers could counter-sue the CAIR bears for deliberately creating the circumstances which caused them all (the other passengers) distress and which also delayed their travel.

At any rate, if I have to fly, this year, I do believe my first choice will be US Airways. They seem to be the company most serious about getting us there safely.

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