Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Dogblog: following a Clyde trend

If you check back through the Clyde blog history, you may note there is a common thread running through many of the pictures.

Clyde is relaxed. In a very Clyde fashion:Total relaxation

Off His Rocker, Yet Mellow.

After next Wednesday, though, Clyde may be a little more self-conscious and a little less happy about how he relaxes. The folks have discussed things for a while, now, and recognize that they have no plans to breed Clyde, wonderful though he is. He is going to become an it.

[ominous music here] Surgery.

And then they'll leave him for a week alone with me and the cats, so we take the blame for his discomfort, while they go off on another one of their Elderhostel jaunts.


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