Thursday, March 01, 2007

Hi. Wind Watch

I've been stretched a bit thinly, this week, since the power outages and the pet care and multiple social obligations whatever, so last evening, as I was quitting my online activities, one of the last things I did was to check a local-access weather site.

As the site came up on my slow modem connected system, in the center of the screen came up the above message ("Hi. Wind Watch"). In retrospect, I wish I'd done a screencap, since it's been changed now to "HI WIND WARNING."

Instead, I responded as I thought most logical at the time:

Without thinking, I said, "hello," and reached into my pocket, pulled out my watch, and wound it.

I think I may still need sleep.


EclectEcon said...

Yeah? What else might it have meant?

leucanthemum b said...

I dunno. After all, we had the power out for a long time, so they were probably just being thoughtful, making sure we knew what time it was, right?