Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My life as a locomotive

Or, somebody's life, anyway.
IL. Central -- Derailed

Mom & I bought a flat of photos and real picture postcards at auction this past Sunday (I may have already mentioned that). What I hadn't realized was that, along with the spiffy tornado postcard, there were also about a dozen train-related pics, including this very special one (click on it for a larger version).

At first glance, the roughly 2.5 -inch x 4 -inch picture looks pretty much like the train just pulled into the station, all nice and normal ... then we look a little more closely, and ... well, that train isn't going anywhere in a hurry, now, is it? It's stopped abruptly, somewhere in Illinois, and there's a pretty good crowd coming to gape, but nobody seems to quite know what's going on.

Once it gets untangled, that locomotive'll probably still move, but we can't be sure how well.

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