Friday, February 09, 2007

Monmouth goes shopping

The Register-Mail tells Galesburg all the news of Monmouth -- and this time, it's a good one.

The city of Monmouth is going shopping. They want a new rate for electricity. If it goes anything like the search for a reasonable rate for water, we ought to see the rates drop at about a negative 300 per cent. And I mean it that way.

Our city officials sat on their hands and waited, then shopped around long after the EPA required due date for improved water quality so that now my single-person-dwelling costs an average of $60 per month for basic water supply. Now, granted, I take a lot of long baths (at least two per week) where I add more hot water in order to enjoy more fully the trashy novel I'm reading amid the bubbles, but still, I don't have a washer/dryer, I don't cook at home so I don't do dishes, I don't have bare wood floors, so I don't damp-mop, and I tend to buy drinking water, so I use less tap-water than most, over the long haul. I have nightmares when I consider how much higher my bills would be if I, say, used a sprinkler system for my lawn (such as it is), or owned a car to wash.... My parents, who actually do -- deliberately -- practice some serious conservation, still pay more than $100 per month.

And this same issue of the city looking for the best power rate is going to help us how, again?

I suppose I can but hope our City Council is not comprised of the same geeeeniuses who got us our water "bargain". But I'm not overly optimistic, these days.

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