Sunday, February 11, 2007

Gratuitous postcard: my new temporary home

Or something very much like it.
Postcard:  Air View State Hospital for the Insane, Jamestown, N.Dak.
Air View, State Hospital for the Insane, Jamestown, N. Dak.

Actually, my new temporary home is at my parents' house, while they're away on another Elderhostel program... and I'm house-sitting, Clyde-sitting, and tending to things while they're gone. In order to see to the needs of a dog who is accustomed to being taken out for relief at 6 a.m., I have moved in. I've moved Peanut and TiGrr with me.

Aiming for peace is not something a sane person does, between a fifty-some pound doggie and two pampered cats. However, I think I may have reached detente between Clyde and Furfur, out on the front porch. There may be hope for this venture, yet.

Or, I'm delusional.

I'm sticking with the latter.


EclectEcon said...

with all those animals, I can understand why you have a king-sized bed at home. I hope your parents do, too!

leucanthemum b said...

We make do -- the pair of twin beds in the guest room are strapped together, & have a king-sized pad over the top of them. It works... and Peanut thinks it's the cat's meow, because it's not as tall as the bed at home.

TiGrr is unimpressed. But then, he doesn't have a pillow by the radiator, here.