Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Gratuitous postcard: adventures in dog-walking

Postcard:  Hydrant Wets Dog.

I had to go out this morning to walk the dog... I don't want to do that again, for a while. The cold is to be expected -- it's still the dead of winter, after all. The wind, though, is a problem.

I have a fairly high center of gravity -- which, while having once upon a time attracted males of my species, has become problematic more recently, with the ache in my back it brings. And it adds to my wind resistance rather dramatically. Middle-age spread boosts that, as well, since there are, shall we say, pockets of resistance in low-lying regions.

The breeze is blowing. It's cutting across the road at gentle gusts of up to 35 mph (around 55-ish kph). If it were 75º F and raining, I'd be outside, barefoot, leaning into it. Unfortunately, it's 20º and the snow is drifting, so I was falling into it.

Somewhere, downwind, the air is still blue from when I walked the dog.

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